Our concierge team works round-the-clock to make sure that all your needs and wishes are fully met. Not only we take care for your transportation but we also plan with you your daily activities according to your desires.

Whether it's a trip to town or to a faraway beach, our smooth and seamless service ensures quick, convenient and comfortable transfer.

At the same time, we are at your disposal for any issue may occur during your stay. We are happy to provide you an extraordinary and deluxe holiday experience, customized to your preferences.

Your personal chef creates delicious dishes just for you, a super yacht charter is at your disposal, private dinners are set on the sandy beach in front of the Perla Beach Villa, a helicopter transfers and more refined services, specially designed for a full VIP treatment to our guests.

Nothing is too difficult for our team! Just ask for it!



Explore Zante

Zakynthos combines the grace of the blue sea with the wild beauty of the mountains. Astonishing natural beauty, breathtaking view, crystal blue seawater, sandy beaches, natural coves, tiny gulfs and green hills.

Discover the northern mountain part with the various pictures. The Blue Caves is a place of unique natural beauty. Meet the famous Navagio, surrounded by huge vertical rocks and amazing turquoise seawater, creating a unique and picturesque landscape. Both the Blue Cave and the Navagio can be accessed by the sea. Do not miss “Makris Yalos Beach” and drink a coffee at Volimes.

Leaving the northern part of the island and going towards the south stop at Porto Roxa and Porto Limniona two small gulfs ideal for diving with deep, cold, blue water and exquisite rocky scenery with tiny caves.

At the southern part of Zakynthos the scenery changes. The coast becomes sandy and the seawater is warm and shallow. The well-known beaches of Vasilikos, Banana, Agios Nikolaos, have a wide choice of water sports, beach bars and loud music, while Gerakas and Dafni are parts of the National Marine Park, chosen by the remarkable Carettas to lay their eggs. Kalamaki and Laganas famous for its intense nightlife share a beach 9km long ideal for walking, also chosen by the turtles to dig their nests there.

The developed resort of Tsilivi is the nearest destination for cosmopolitan outings in the distance of 1km from Perla Beach Villa.

Taste the local cuisine, visit the traditional villages, meet the local people, and discover the Zakynthian culture.

Zakynthos is a marvelous island that surprises visitors at first sight. Choose it as a holiday’s destination that will be remembered for a life time.

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Your personal chef creates daily authentic gourmet dishes, inspired by the Ionian and the Greek cuisine. Age-old Mediterranean recipes, treasured for their health benefits and nutritional value, exist along with contemporary culinary temptations.

A relaxed beachfront scenery at Perla Beach Villa is set for you to taste high gastronomy.

You can sit back and enjoy a fantastic meal prepared and served in the privacy of your luxury beach villa or in your spacious veranda, gazing at the blue horizon.

Live the exquisite dining experience under the starlit sky, on a secluded spot of your private beach, surrounded by a romantic candlelit atmosphere.

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Private Yachting

If Perla’s Beach Villa location seems tempting to you, our exclusive yachting service will really fulfil your wishes.

In front of your Private Villa, directly on the beach, a private yacht with a skipper is waiting for you to sail away together. Prepare yourself for the ultimate watery adventure and get ready to discover the secrets of Zakynthos, to meet isolated beaches, to dive into blue seawater and feel the summer breeze.

Try a cruise around the beautiful island of Zakynthos to discover the famous Navagio, to get surprised at the Blue Caves, to dive into the crystal turquoise water. If Zakynthos is not the only island you wish to discover, Kefalonia Island is also waiting for you.

Sail away with our private yacht and let us plan summer sea trips full of new experiences, luxury and adventure.

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Zakynthos presents a particular cultural interest, as it was the stage of important historical events. Due to the continuous cultural exchange with the West, the Zakynthian culture is noteworthy and inspiring. The Venetian influence mixed with the Greek tradition, created a particular culture with refined nuances and grace. The Venetian conquerors influenced the local arts, literature, architecture, carnival, local music, painting, customs and culture. That period was cultivated the art of the well-known cantades and arekies, the local music idiom which is alive till today.

Zakynthos was the homeland of Dionysios Solomos, the Greek national poet. Zakynthos also inspired the poet Andreas Kalvos, the writer Grigorios Xenopoulos and other spiritual people that created a high level of culture and civilization.

Today Zakynthos is one of the most significant cultural centers in Greece, where concerts and other outstanding events are organized every year.

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Enjoy a variety of water leisure activities in the crystal blue water of the Ionian Sea and experience moments full of action and adventure. Zakynthian Sea offers water sports to enthusiasts, hours of exhilarating pleasure under the warm Ionian sun. A wide range of surface water or diving experiences are available on Zakynthos.

Try Sea Kayaking for fun rides, family day rides and visits to golden beaches, the best way to stay fit and have fun in the sea. The best hours to enjoy it is early in the morning or just right before the sunset. You can attempt Stand-up Paddleboarding, a fast gaining in popularity sport that seems easy to learn. Kitesurf is an unforgettable experience, while windsurfing and waterskiing are always exciting. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can discover the underwater secrets of the Ionian. You can experience unique underwater moments and diving adventures while you have fun and explore the magic of the turquoise waters of Zakynthos Island. Another inspiring sport is Private Yachting, a memorable sailing adventure in the deep blue water of Zakynthos. The range of suggested sports and activities on Zakynthos is quite large. You can choose that sport that really fits to your interests, hobbies and way of life.Whatever you choose fun and adventure is a guarantee.

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